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Nerve Monitoring in Thyroid Surgery

Postoperative voice disturbance due to injury of the Recurrent Laryngeal Nerve (RLN) remains the most significant anxiety for patients undergoing thyroid surgery.

Intraoperative functional nerve monitoring of the RLN is now being routinely conducted at Greenslopes Private Hospital by Dr Domenika Turkiewicz.

Reports from major thyroid centres, as well as what is currently the world’s largest prospective multi-centre study, have shown the benefits of RLN monitoring.

In numerous clinics which previously had not routinely carried out nerve identification in thyroid operations - following the introduction of the RLN monitoring it was possible to achieve a reduction in the rate of RLN paresis.

Across the world, RLN monitoring is currently most widespread in Germany and the USA. Dr Domenika Turkiewicz is pleased to offer RLN monitoring for all Thyroid and Parathyroid Surgery routinely. She has recently returned from a Harvard Medical School Workshop in RLN monitoring where she upgraded her skills and expertise.

Dr Turkiewicz has been offering RLN monitoring at Greenslopes Private Hospital for a number of years.


  Nerve Monitoring

“Thyroid surgery is a demanding and technically difficult procedure”
Dr Turkiewicz said.
“The use of Functional Intraoperative Nerve Monitoring certainly makes the procedure safer for patients.”.
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