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Q. What types of treatment does the Clinic provide?

We provide an assessment, management and treatment of breast disease (cancer and non cancer), thyroid surgery, parathyroid surgery, salivary gland surgery (including submandibular). Intraoperative Nerve Monitoring is used.

Q. What should I bring to my appointment?

Q. How long will I be in hospital if I have surgery?

This depends on the type of surgery that you have. Many cases are day surgery and you are able to go home on the same day. Other cases such as thyroid/parathyroid may require a 1-3 day stay. You will be informed of this when you are booked for surgery.

Q. Are there risks involved with having surgery?

All surgical procedures have risks and your surgeon will discuss these with you prior to surgery. Every effort is made to minimise the risk associated with surgery but complications can occur. We will provide you with appropriate information so you are informed to assess the benefits and risks of surgery.
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